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Vad ca multa lume intampina necazul cu amorsarea pompei la Opelurile diesel.

Simptomele sunt: pornire dificila (sau deloc) in special dupa perioade indelungate de neutilizare a masinii (unde "indelungate" inseamna de la cateva ore pana la cateva zile, in functie de cat de rapida e dezamorsarea). Daca masina se parcheaza cu botul la vale, pornirea e mai usoara. Sunt multe locuri pe unde intra aerul, dar solutia de mai jos e universala.

Despre aceste lucruri s-a discutat destul de mult pe forum.

Am gasit o solutie simpla pe care a aplicat-o un englezoi. S-a mai prezentat solutia dar nu pentru noobs. Omul a facut un ghid foarte bun de punere in practica (inclusiv poze) asa ca il postez cu gandul ca poate ajuta pe multi dintre noi. Solutia este sa se monteze o pompa manuala pe iesirea motorinei din pompa.

Iata ce zice englezoiul:

One idea that cropped up, although was directed at diesel vehicles in general and not necessarily the Vectra, was a fuel system modification that allowed the user to purge the fuel filter prior to attempting a re-start.

Okay, here is a close-up picture of the modification that I have done today to the fuel system on my 2.0TD Vectra. I have used a Peugeot Manual Primer Pump as it has a non-return valve incorporated into the body. This is a very easy mod to do, can be carried out by beginners with no mechanical knowledge and took literally about 5 mins. You will need a Diesel Primer Pump with integrated non-return valve (cost me £17.99 from local Auto Factor shop and as mentioned, Peugeot primer is best) and two (x2) jubilee clips to suit the primer pump and the pipes you will be cutting in to. Just follow the steps below:

1) Firstly, locate the fuel filter housing and the pipes running to and from the housing.

The back pipe (appears to be coming into the filter from the bulkhead) is the main fuel feed in. The front pipe, which runs round the top-left of the engine (on Vectra 2.0TD) and down to a big block with lots of pipes, is the Fuel/ Injector Pump Feed line and it is this pipe we are interested in.

2) Cut a 3" section of pipe out of the line, approximately 2 1/2" to 3" from the filter outlet.

3) Place on your Jubilee clips (make sure you have got right size!), one over each pipe end before pushing on the Primer Pump ENSURING THE ARROW ON PUMP POINTS IN THE DIRECTION OF DIESEL FLOW (which is from the filter to the engine). The pipes are a snug fit but push on quite easily. Do up the two clips without overtightening, but tight enough to seal. As an additional precaution, you could seal with some Holimar Blue compound, but I found that the mod worked fine without the need to seal up any further. And the finished mod:

All that needs to be done now, is add your diesel (if not done already!), squeeze the pump a few times to fill the filter housing (you will hear it fill....). Once the tone of the filter filling changes (indicating filter is full...), a couple of more pumps will send the fuel down to the Fuel/Injector Pump.

NOTE: If you notice fuel coming out of the return pipes (little black pipes above the Injectors), then cease pumping as you are now flooding fuel into the engine and it will take longer to start, draining your much needed battery power!

Now, after a few turns of the key on a 10:5 ratio (10 seconds turn-over, 5 seconds rest), the vehicle should start. It took my vehicle 6 turns of the key on 10:5 before firing up once again, much to my relief .

Hope this helps someone else with same problem

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Am vazut ca sunt si altii care au de multa vreme o astfel de modificare pe motor.

Eu am un Renault 9 1.6D din 1987 care are o pompa manuala de amorsare montata de fabrica sus in capul filtrului iar pe fundul filtrului de motorina are incalzire cu apa din motor, tot de fabrica. Totul pentru ca masina s-a vandut pentru Belgia. Da, si sa nu uit... si electromotorul este imens, cat era cel de ARO diesel (~9kg).

Nimic nou sub soare.
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buna cum se monteaza aceasta pompa ? multumesc .
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Cu cativa cm de furtun de 10,4 coliere,un cuter si o surubelnita.Se monteaza pe tur.Aaa si se tine cont de sens.

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